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Jetion Solar (Europe) Ltd, on behalf of CNBM Group, provides the entire engineering, procurement and construction services (EPC) for Italy’s energy-saving building renovation projects. With CNBM Group’s advantages in materials, technology and finance, we can help Italy reach the goal of "carbon neutrality" as soon as possible, work together to get rid of the economic crisis affected by the epidemic, and realize a great revival together.

Welcome landlords and developers who’re interested in Italian energy-saving renovation business to cooperate with us for win-win.

PV System

with size from 3 to 10kw


Energy Storage

lithium-ion batteries from 4.8 to 12 kWh with integrated wireless inverter


Heat Pump

for full electric or hybrid building air conditioning in winter


Thermal insulation materials 

including thermal coat,replacement of systems and fixtures, anti-seismic consolidation, etc.

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Jetion Solar(Europe) Ltd
Add:Roma(RM) Via Venti Settembre 98/E 00187
Attn: Fiore Jin
Tel:+39 06 4814040,  +8613451907448 (Whatsapp)


one of the world’s four largest accounting firms, provides consulting, 
assurance, tax and transaction services, it helps assist in acceptance work as third party auditor



an international leader in banking and financial services, responsible for the acquisition of 150 million euros of our Superbonus 110% business



Tier 1 PV module manufacturer, serves worldwide customers with high-quality products and professional services with a 25-year guarantee on performance


Successful Story
Jetion Solar (Europe)’s first batch of Italian energy-saving building renovation projects include three pilot projects: Stingone, Pietro Enni and Anechiarico, which is located in Campania in the southern Italian peninsula. Jetion Solar (Europe) provides the entire engineering, procurement and construction services (EPC). All the bonus was paid smoothly in Sep. This opens the first step of our portfolio in the Italian Superbonus business.
Type:Superbonus 110%
COD:Sep 2021
Construction Period:About 3 months

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