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About two-thirds of the world's total annual electricity consumption goes to factories to manufacture products. With the electricity bill getting higher and higher, Jetion Solar's advanced and well-designed solar solution is your best choice. Jetion Solar is glad to show you the benefits of industrial & commercial solar systems and how we can help you to achieve energy independence and improve your return on investment.

Lower Operating Costs for Your Business
Global energy prices are constantly rising, but the solar system can always work economically and at constant cost, which means your business can save on operating costs. In some countries and regions, the installation of commercial and industrial PV systems can also bring a lot of benefits for enterprises in equipment assets depreciation, tax deduction and other aspects.
Stable ROI and Energy Independence
Jetion Solar's solar solution is a long-term, safe and profitable investment, the stable and predictable return allows your assets to preserve and increase in value. At the same time, good PV systems can help your business to achieve energy independence, which means you can reduce your reliance on the national grid to some extent.
Environmental Protection and Exellent Social Benefits
By choosing Jetion Solar's solar solutions, your business can significantly reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and soot. Using solar power means you are also continuing to protect the planet, save resources, and caring for the future of humanity.
Successful Story
This industrial distributed rooftop PV project is located on the roof of China Luoyang Float Glass Group Co., Ltd., with 13,730 pieces of JT PAg high efficiency polycrystalline solar modules with a total capacity of 4.6 MW. Jetion Solar provides the entire engineering, procurement and construction services (EPC). This distributed generation rooftop PV project was completed and connected to the grid in May 2019.
Type:Industrial Rooftop
Capacity:4.6 MWp
Module:JT PAg-335W, 13,730 pcs
COD:May 2019
Annual Yield:6,950 MWh

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