CNBM New Energy & Haida Signed 2GW Flexible Module Strategic Cooperation Agreement

Recently, CNBM New Energy Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "CNBM New Energy"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jetion Solar (China) Co., Ltd., has successfully signed strategic cooperation agreement with Jiangyin Haida Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Haida"), for developing 2GW Flexible Module PV Projects.

According to the agreement, CNBM New Energy will be responsible for organizing relevant sectors to develop rooftop PV projects using flexible solar modules nationwide, giving priority to but not limited to the rooftops of CNBM Group's subsidiaries, and the market outside the group. The final cooperation scale is expected to reach a capacity of 2GW.

As the equipment supplier, Haida provides the short-frame business of supporting flexible module with high quality and quantity, and provides technical support for module installation during the project construction period. At the same time, Haida will promote the short frame scheme of flexible module.

Seeing the infinite possibilities of light and flexible modules in the field of existing building renovations and new buildings, Jetion Solar launched JT SQh flexible monocrystalline PV module at the end of 2021, using a high-strength transparent front plate to replace the glass layer, has the characteristics of light (weight only about 3kg/㎡), ultra-high flexibility (minimum bending radius reach 0.5m), easy installation, and easy recycling. It is mainly suitable for surface installation and special scenarios with strict requirements on module weight. Now, Jetion Solar has a capacity of 2.5 GW module, which can produce various types of modules from 305 - 550W.
The flexible products have been used in the 4 MW Tai'an Zhonglian Cement Distributed Project developed and constructed by CNBM New Energy. It is mainly installed on the roof and dome-shaped buildings of the cement plant with insufficient load-bearing capacity. The project adopts the buckle short frame system solution provided by Haida, completely overcomes the shortcomings of past glued fixing methods with short service life and inconvenient disassembly, which has been strongly recognized by relevant parties.

Hongwei Du, director of CNBM New Energy said: “ With the support of Haida on the frame, we’re confident to vigorously promote flexible modules in the rapidly developing distributed projects and help more families use clean energy.”

About Jetion Solar

Jetion Solar (China) Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned solar PV manufacturer, which is affiliated to China National Building Materials Group Corporation (CNBM), one of the FORTUNE 500 companies. Jetion Solar provides solar products, solutions and global EPC services to utility, commercial and residential customers all around the world and was rated as “Tier 1” on BloombergNEF Module Maker Tiering System. Currently, Jetion Solar has an annual production capacity of 2 GW of cells, 2.5 GW of modules and has 1 GW PV project development and investment capability.