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Jetion Solar has been investing continuously in PV technology innovations and one-stop solutions by upgrading our laboratory, employing promising R&D talents and building talent cultivate mechanism. We now have a senior R&D team consisting of doctoral graduates and high-level specialists. Meanwhile, by collaborating and building partnership with leading science research centers and universities, Jetion Solar keeps R&D team¬'s vitality in cutting-edge solar technologies and solutions.


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Global R&D Team

Industry Leading PERC+ Cell Technology
Based on large size Si-wafer with low oxygen content and defects, Jetion Solar R&D team applies self-developed core patented cell technologies, such like passivation contact, multiple light utilization and metallization printing technology, etc., and successfully realized mass production of cell efficiency with more than 23.00%.
High Efficiency Innovative Products
Jetion Solar is committed to research and develop next generation of PV modules. In 2020, we have officially unveiled ultra-high efficiency PV module – the "Jeniü X" series. It applied exclusive ultra-thin flexible point contact high-density interconnection technology, reducing more than 20% of cell shading & 65% of busbar, top-level module efficiency, up to 21.5%+.

Leading R&D Center with Extensive Collaboration
Jetion Solar R&D center is one of the most advanced photovoltaic laboratories in the industry. It is specially established to promote PV technology innovation and evolution. The laboratory has acquired TÜV SÜD CTF laboratory qualification, CSA WMTC laboratory qualification and China CNAS laboratory accreditation. Jetion Solar also cooperates extensively with other leading research institutes & universities to develop cutting-edge solar products and solutions.

Cutting-edge Cell Technology Reserve

Jetion Solar R&D team has always been committed to the development and commercialization of new cell technologies. Meanwhile, we also pay close attention to the most advanced ultra-high efficiency PV cell technologies and have achieved some good results. Jetion Solar always adheres to the R & D philosophy of “Commercialize One Generation, Develop One Generation, and Reserve One Generation”. Jetion Solar continuously promote PV cell technology evolution and upgrade, and provide customers with higher efficiency and excellent quality PV products.

TOPCon (Tunneling Oxide Passivation Contact) Cell Technology
This technology provides exceptional surface passivation. The majority carriers can easily transport ultra-thin oxide tunneling layer which blocking the recombination of minority into poly-Si layer. After horizontal transmission in poly-Si layer and the majority carriers are collected literally by metal electrode which greatly reduces the metal contact composite current, finally improving the open circuit voltage and short circuit current of the solar cell. Jetion Solar's R&D team has applied this technology to c-Si solar cell products with different conductivity types, which can increase the photoelectric conversion efficiency by at least 0.5% above.
HJT Cell Technology
Based on ultra-high efficiency, high bifacial ratio and low degradation, HJT cell technology is deemed to be the next generation of commercialized PV cells after PERC cell technology. Currently, we vigorously collaborate with scientific research institutes and equipment manufacturers, to jointly explore and develop the ways of mass production of low cost HJT cells.
Silicon-based Stacked Cell Technology
Compared with the single-junction solar cell, the theoretical efficiency of the multi-junction solar cell is not limited by the S-Q limit efficiency. The maximum efficiency of tandem solar cell can reach 45% above. Jetion Solar's R & D team has carried out systematic research on silicon-based multi-junction solar cell, and innovatively designed a variety of commercially available, highly integrated silicon-based multi-junction solar cells, which can provide customers with modularized, customizable and highly cost-effective solar products.

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